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This is Shruthi and I’m here to raise funds for my baby.She is suffering from hemoglobinopathies (inherited hemoglobin Disorders).
She already had unrinary infection at her birth and couldn’t pass urine since her kidney tube was blocked.We then kept her 10 days in nicu and then treated her.We literally spent a lot of money for that and now we’re unable to bear the financial cost for the further treatment of her inherited hemoglobin level.
Already my elder baby had the similar genetic problem, completed treatment and she’s just on her way recovering.Days passed away with tears and sleepless night though.Now were facing it please pray that God gives us strength and courage to raise my babies

The total estimated cost is around 6,00,000.Please come forward to support our cause.Any contribution will be of immense help.Please do help us in anyway you can,it will go a long way in supporting my baby.

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