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Dear All,

Direction for Volunteers (D4V) is a registered (Reg.No: 285/2016) social welfare organization, spreading volunteerism across Tamil Nadu. Mission is to facilitate through various means the development of a dynamic volunteer community to support and assist the public in need. Vision is to be the primary platform that enables volunteers to bond with the public for a social cause leading to a better world, a world of economic and social justice.COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, irrespective of their class, but for Theru Koothu Kalaignargal (artists whose livelihoods depend on their art) the situation is bleak. Their livelihood depends on the crowd and live performance. At this time, most are not even able to find daily wage work. We don’t know whether the demand for their performance and art will revive even once the COVID-19 threat subsides. They need our supporting hands during this difficult time and giving them hope.

Direction for Volunteers (D4V) identified Theru koothu Kalaignargal livelihood in Nagapattinam,Thiruvarur and tanjore districts impacted drastically by the pandemic. There are many folk artist families from humble backgrounds. The pandemic has caused a great dent in their livelihoods. Without being able to perform for their living and with longer delays, they are finding it hard to lead their day to day life and difficult to support their kid’s education. These families will not be able to go back to their actual livelihood without getting their musical instruments repaired or replaced which is their only source of income. Upon conducting a thorough field verification of each and every family of the folk artists, D4V has decided to help their livelihood and we appeal to all to help with whatever they can. Let’s join hands to support our Each contribution is important! Please help raise the required amount by clicking on the donate button and sharing this fundraiser with family and friends. We are grateful for your help and good wishes.

●      Folk artist fancy dresses for Stage performance – Rs.30000

●      Folk musical Instruments – Rs. 30,000

●      Musical instrument repair – Rs. 10,000

●      Folk artist jewels – Rs.10000

   Required Amount- INR 80,000

More Details: +91-7448888065/61

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