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Anish and Abish are twin brothers from Coimbatore who aims to complete their education to live a happy life with honour and humility. The brothers lost both their parents in a gruesome accident while they were just in secondary school and were left orphaned at a young age. Their family paid no heed to the young boys except for their aunt and uncle who took them in as their own.
The uncle works as a daily wage labourer and aunt a maid. They have two children of their own and isn’t able to support the education costs of the now big family of six. Earning such a meagre amount helps them only meet their daily needs. Yet, they are trying their maximum and sacrificing their own comfort to give a better future to their young ones. But their sacrifices and effort alone aren’t enough for the twin brothers to finish their college education and find a job that can support the family.
So, please forward and donate generously to raise a total of 70,000 INR which can cover the fees of both the brothers for their current semester and upcoming semester. Your humility can help save these unfortunate young boys step into a world of opportunities that they can grow from and live happily.

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Sep 29, 2022

Arjun Shankar


Oct 01, 2022


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