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I am Prakash, currently doing Gandhi Fellowship. My father, the sole breadwinner of my family, passed away when I was in secondary. My mother had suffered Distal Pancreatectomy surgery. But she rose from the situation and started working hard to support my studies. With the unconditional support of my Mom, I have done my PG in Economics.

I pursued all my education only in Government Institutions. I can say that I’ve greatly benefited from the government and its institutions, which were only enabled by the direct and indirect contributions of every taxpayer of the country, from the cobbler or farmer to entrepreneurs and I consider it my responsibility as a citizen to give back to the society that has given me so much. So I joined the Gandhi fellowship to understand the problems at the grassroots level and to work for them with my energy & effort. Gandhi Fellowship is helping me to understand the necessities of marginalized people and to design a capacity-building program for them. It has also helped me to understand government policies and how they can be implemented to improve the lives of the people. Now I aim to become a social entrepreneur to develop the backbone of India.

I have selected Jagriti yatra. The Jagriti Yatra is a 15-day long train journey that aims to take its participants through a transformational experience of India, with a focus on its small towns and villages. The journey is an immersive learning experience, with participants being exposed to various social enterprises and development initiatives across the country. To attend this yatra, I need a total of ₹50000. I would like to participate in Jagriti Yatra for nation-building by interlinking the nation with entrepreneurship in Agriculture, Health, Technology, Handicrafts, and many more by meeting with social and business entrepreneurs. My dream will come true only with your help. Your contribution can bring a change to an individual and in the growth of the Nation. So I kindly request you to help me from your side for enabling me to reach one step closer to my vision.

I will forever be grateful to you all for your contribution.

Thanking You!

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