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N.Abinaya is a vivacious girl from Perambalur district in A.Mettur. She studied in Swami Vivekananda Matric Higher Secondary School in Arumbavur with monetary support from her grandparents. She managed to score 503 marks in her 12th std and has scored 151 marks in her engineering cutoff. Now, her ambition is to study Computer Science Engineering.


Abinaya’s family is poverty stricken and is struggling to make ends meet. Her father works as a day laborer and mother a tailor. They do not own any land and doesn’t have a stable income to pay her fees. Abinaya also has a sister studying in the same school and they are both are smart academic students. Earlier, their grandparents used to help fund theireducation, but now they are too old and doesn’t earn enough to help them.


The family owns two cows that they use to sell milk to nearby houses. Every school holiday, Abinaya works as a day laborerbecause of the family’s poor financial situation. Her parents can’t aid pay her fees and is distressed that they are unable to support their daughter’s dream. Abinaya currently is in dire need of ₹70,000 to complete her education. A helping hand from your side can aid this eager and smart girl to study and also help her family out of their difficult life situation. Abinaya is waiting for your benevolent help. Please donate generously to lend a helping hand to this clever hopeful girl

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Sep 29, 2022


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