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What is Edudharma?

Edudharma is a free fundraising platform for individuals, charities and organizations to raise money for their needs and causes. Most people use crowdfunding to raise money for themselves, for friends and family, for their favorite charity and for causes of national and/or social importance.

Edudharma charges NO platform fees on donations.

How can I contact you?

Simply send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible – that’s normally under an hour. You can also find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get our latest news and updates.

What if I don’t reach my fundraising target?

You keep all of the funds raised (minus our industry low fees). Some sites return money to donors if you don’t reach your goal under the assumption that you won’t be able to complete your plans with only some of the money.  In addition, you have access to the funds raised throughout the campaign as opposed to just when your campaign ends (some clearing periods may apply).

What happens if a fundraiser reaches its funding goal before the time expires?

If a campaign reaches its funding goal before the time expires and you have not allowed overfunding, your page will not be able to receive further donations and it will be shown as successful.

If you have allowed overfunding, you will be able to receive additional donations until your campaign expires.

With ongoing fundraisers, you can accept donations forever.

How can I get my fundraiser featured?

We have a special section of our site to showcase featured campaigns. If you are running a timed fundraiser, you have the opportunity to be featured.

We decide who to feature based on a number of elements, which includes how well your fundraiser is put together. For example, do you have multiple pictures, an interesting story, a video or thoughtful rewards? We also look at how many donations you’ve been able to drive from your personal networks.

We assess which fundraisers to feature on a regular basis. However, if you’d like to give us a heads-up, get in touch. Please remember that being featured does not automatically result in additional donations from strangers.

We regularly highlight campaigns on our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM even if they’re not in the featured section.

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