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What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a method of raising huge sum of small donations for a specific cause or project from friends, family, followers, colleagues and individual investors.

What is Edudharma?

EduDharma is an online fundraising platform for Students and NGO, where they can share their financial needs and raise money. Students can raise funds for their education, sports and innovative projects. NGO can raise funds for their charity works related to education.

What is our Goal?

EduDharma works for “Education for All” and we believe an individual needs a basic UG degree to survive his future needs. EduDharma aims to bring students and academic advocates together to remove the financial barriers between students and academics.

What can you do in Edudharma?

Make Donation: Fund people who gain your concern, share your passion or whichever you think as best.
Start Campaign: You can create a campaign and raise funds for yourself or any one in need for the following categories.

  • Education Needs
  • Sports Needs
  • Innovative Needs

How Edudharma is different from other crowdfunding websites?

EduDharma raise funds only for the student’s education, sports, projects and NGOs who work for student welfare, while other crowdfunding sites work for all in almost all aspects. Edudharma is rising funds to solve the financial barriers of poor students to pursue their passion.

How much does Edudharma charge?

We charge a 7% platform fee . Payment gateway fees is charged by the payment gateway partners in our case HDFC, Payumoney,STRIPE for processing your payment, which is around 1.5 – 3.2% for payments made in NR and 2.9%  for payments made in USD based on the type of transactions. All the charges will be automatically deducted from campaigners raised fund.

Why does Edudharma charge fee?

Like any other company, Edudharma has operating expenses like technology, infrastructure, payroll & benefits for our dedicated team of employees. We have created this model so that we can continue to provide great service without worrying about our overheads.


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