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Meet Mr. Pandiyarajan, a hardworking 57-year-old man who has been dedicating his life to serving the community. For the past several years, he has been working as an outsider, a part-time casual laborer, at the Podanur Post Office. Whenever the regular postman takes leave, Mr. Pandiyarajan steps up to ensure that postal services continue without interruption. Despite his dedication, he earns a meager income of only 10,000 to 12,000 rupees per month to support his family, which includes his son and daughter. Now, he urgently needs our support.

In September 2023, tragedy struck Mr. Pandiyarajan. After completing his night shift as an ATM watchman at the Podanur Post Office ATM, he was on his way home when he fell from his cycle. Moments later, he lost consciousness. Upon reaching home, he began experiencing frequent vomiting and severe headaches. Rushed to the hospital, the doctors diagnosed him with a critical heart condition that requires immediate intervention: an ICD-Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator surgery. This life-saving surgery comes with a substantial cost of 5 lakhs rupees.

Adding to Mr. Pandiyarajan’s worries is his daughter’s impending wedding, scheduled for October 2023. Like any loving parent, he dreams of giving his daughter a beautiful wedding, but his health crisis has left him grappling with mounting medical bills and uncertainty about the future.

Thanks to the incredible support from individuals like you, we successfully raised the funds required for the surgery, and he is now on his way to recovery.

However, the journey is not over. Mr. Pandiyarajan needs additional financial assistance to cover the expenses associated with his post-surgery recovery, medication, and rehabilitation. We are once again reaching out for your support to help him during this critical phase.

Let’s come together as a compassionate community to help Mr. Pandiyarajan get the medical care he urgently needs and ensure that his daughter’s dreams of a beautiful wedding become a reality. Your kindness and generosity can make all the difference in his life.

Donate today and be a part of Mr. Pandiyarajan’s journey to recovery and his daughter’s dreams coming true. Thank you for your support!

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