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Two school dropouts have dedicated their lives to improving the education of children in the slums of Chennai.
Uma & her husband Vasudevan know firsthand the challenges of growing up in poverty and the difficulties of getting an education. Despite these obstacles, they were determined to make a better life for themselves and for the children in their community.
Together, they founded KS WELFARE TRUST, a non-profit organization that provides free education to children living in Kannagi Nagar of Chennai. Their goal is to give these children the same opportunities that they never had and to break the cycle of poverty through education.
At KS Welfare Trust, Uma & her husband Vasudevan work tirelessly to provide high-quality education to every child who comes through their doors. They offer a range of programs, including reading and writing, math, science, and social studies, as well as extracurricular activities like art, music, and sports.
But KS Welfare Trust is more than just a school. It is a place where children can feel safe, supported, and loved. Both are like family to their students, and they go above and beyond to provide for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
Our vision is to create a world where every child, regardless of their socio-economic background, has access to a quality education and the opportunity to reach their full potential.Our mission is to provide underprivileged children in slum communities with the education, resources, and support they need to succeed. Through our programs, we aim to: Offer high-quality education that is tailored to the needs of each child.

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